DEPTH – Deep & Shallow


Traveled to California again for another wedding to film but I was able to get a few shots during my down time over the weekend traveling to Elk Grove Park in Sacramento, and taking pictures of my girlfriends energetic dog name Kirby, also before my travels this past weekend I was able to capture a few shots on the campus as well. I love Deep and Shallow Depth of Field. It really gives the characteristics of the picture and enhances the emotional aspect as well.

Shallow Depth: 

5/10/19 | 50mm | F/1.8| ISO 100

5/12/19 | 72mm| F/4.0| ISO 400

Deep Depth:

5/12/19 | 24mm | F/18 | ISO 500

5/10/19 | 55mm | F/22| ISO 600


Motion – Freeze & Blur

Blurry Motion

Last weekend I was filming a wedding in Sacramento, California. The day after the wedding I decided to drive around this nature park in Sacramento called the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. I decided to take pictures of the Sacramento River so I set up my tripod and when I took the first picture it was way to blurry. So on my camera I used a remote so I don’t touch the camera at all to take the picture and the picture came out pretty well. I also used a Neutral density filter to let less light through the lens while having a slower shutter speed during the day time since F/22 was still very bright getting the exposure correct.

Yeaw Nature Center: 5/5/2019  f/22, 1/5″sec; Natural Lighting

Yeaw Nature Center: 5/5/2019  f/22, 1/5″sec; Natural Lighting


Freeze Motion

While at the nature center I saw a butterfly. I am not sure what breed it is but it was very hard to capture while since it was fast. I took a few attempts at the shutter speed but I either had a blurry butterfly or I keep on missing it on the frame. Also while walking around the nature center I saw a Turkey as well. The turkey was moving around a lot and I didn’t know when it will stay still so with a higher shutter speed, wider aperture , and higher ISO I was able to get a decent looking shot of it.

Yeaw Nature Center: 5/5/2019  F4.5, 1/2000 sec, iso: 800

Yeaw Nature Center: 5/5/2019  F4.0, 1/1000 sec, iso: 1000