Here is my first ever photobook I’ve made. It comprised of my best works with photography. I am still learning and wanting to improve my abilities in taking photos but while creating the book it was a nice going through my past work over my spring course at BYU Idaho.

What I found challenging was designing my book and picking out my good photos. I didn’t have many great ones this spring so I had to figure out a way in designing my photo book where I can share my best pictures without looking like I didn’t take many. But it was a great feeling putting this book together and gives me more motivation in improving in my photography skills.

Contest Entry

The first contest that I entered into was Idaho Falls Magazine photography contest in the “open” category where you get to upload any photo since the other categories hat to be specific but I uploaded 3 photos for the contest. Below were the photos I entered starting with the orange truck.

The Second Contest I entered into was through Viewbug I was only allowed to upload one image per contest on their site so I submitted to 2 contest through Viewbug. One was the “Favorite Travel Memory Photo Contest” which I used my landscape photo below of Bannack Montana. The second contest through Viewbug I did was  their “Portrait Galore Photo Contest”. The portrait that I used is the first picture down below.



Last week was my very first time doing macro photography and it was a challenge. My hands are already shaky to begin with and trying to move back and forth trying to perfect the focus was very difficult but after many attempts these were my best ones during the session. The camera I was using for the shoot was my canon 80d with a 24-150mm L series lens. With a macro lens filter. The lens filter helped me get stuff in focus being closer to the subject. Just wish I brought a tripod. Would of made my life a bit more easier.


f/11, ISO 800, shutter 1/125


F/11, ISO 800, shutter 1/500

F/13, ISO 800, shutter 1/125

F/11, ISO 100,  shutter 1/80

F/10, ISO 800, shutter 1/125